Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chicken, Steak & Chocolate Cake

I'm posting a video here from my newest venture -- "The Consumer Anthropologist."  I figure if you're following The Wild Pig Tail Project you might also like my views on -- "how buy, shop, eat, have fun and what it means for the way we live (culture)." Let me know what you think and if you want to see a few more entries (such as Do businesses have souls? and Enoch Pratt FREE Library) visit The Consumer Anthropologist Thanks!


  1. UHMMM do you have salad? How about fish? No?

  2. Love that place. Thye opened up a downtown location called:
    Shrimp, Goose and Chocolate Mousse

    Check it out.

    Also - check your link for the consumer anthropologist site. It doesn't work because you misspelled consumer.

    I love the idea of you video blogging. You should include a little more of a written description to accompany each one - but keep it up. I especially like you doing it on location. How about a consumer anthropologist insight into underarmour.

  3. Thanks anonymous -- especially for the part about the bad link! I've got an underarmour piece in mind -- should I do it in a retail location or just go down to corporate headquarters?

  4. are there any stadiums sponsored by them in the area?